• Ms. Joy

Just live your life!

I’ve always believed that you should stay true to yourself even when times get tough. Don't fall under the influences of others, continuously let you light shine knowing that God has a purpose for your future . BE CONTENT WITH YOURSELF. If you don’t know who you are, you can’t get to know anyone else. Learn to love yourself. It's important to have confidence in everything you do because it will allow you to have a greater self worth. Also, never ever BE discouraged! I have times in my life where I can become fearful of situations for the simple fact--- I DON'T WANT TO FAIL. Someone may experience this and let it hold it hold them back. I refuse! If I fail, so what? It will make me BETTER ANYWAYS. We cannot allow fears of failure to hold us back. God loves me even with all my imperfections.

The biggest regret that people have on their deathbed is that they lived the life expected of them instead of a life true to God. You should never give up on what you want because you never know what could come from it. Everything happens for a reason, but if you don’t know what the reason is, you haven’t learned from the mistakes. Be thankful for having family and friends who love you. Never forget where you come from. Make yourself happy. Make the most of your life even if that means going to live in a different country, or going on a two month cruise. Just always believe in yourself and you will always be valued.

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