• Kristen Stolte

Wedding Traditions: African-American

This week we would like to highlight on African-American wedding traditions. Many of these traditions date back to when African-Americans could not legally marry during slavery. Because of this, a very popular custom is for newlyweds to “jump over a broom”. This symbolizes the beginning of a new life.

Others trace this tradition to an African tribal marriage ritual of placing sticks on the ground. These sticks represent the couple’s new home. Moreover, the jumping of the broom today is a symbol of “sweeping away the old, and welcoming the new”. This often takes place either at the wedding ceremony, after being pronounced husband and wife, or just after the bridal party enters the reception.

Fully decorated brooms can be purchased at ethnic stores while other couples may prefer to use a household broom. People often decorate these with bows, flowers, and other trinkets in the wedding colors. Guests may also participate in the ceremony by tying ribbons to the broom before the Broom Jumping begins at some receptions.

It is amazing how many different ethnic customs continue to be used in modern-day weddings. These traditions give people a sense of connection to their ancestors and respect for their historical background.

At My Joyful Event it is our goal to make your day memorable. We are here to listen to you and all of your preferences, which may or may not include certain customs. Either way each wedding, and each couple, is unique in their own way and we want to help plan yours!

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