• Kristen Stolte

Wedding Traditions: Money Dance, Shoes On Vehicle, & Penny In Shoe

What’s almost better than the wedding itself? The reception!

This is a time of celebration for the Bride and Groom, and probably the only time all of their loved ones will ever be in the same room again.

Each family carries on their own traditions, and many of them may be used before, during, or after the reception. They can be related to their heritage or have no relation at all! Here are old traditions that are commonly used today.

A very popular custom is the “Money Dance”. It is said that when arranged marriages were common, the Groom collected a dowry after his marriage. The money dance insured that the couple would have some money before they left their wedding reception.

Nowadays, this dance is often referred to as the “Dollar Dance”. The money is still a gesture to help the couple start their new lives together. It includes upbeat music, dancing, and dollar bills being thrown at or given to the couple.

Another tradition is the “Shoes On Vehicle”. Years ago, guests used to throw their own shoes at the newlyweds to signify the transfer of authority from the Bride’s father to the Groom. Today, old shoes are tied to the back of the newlywed’s vehicle before they leave their reception.

Lastly, is the “Penny In Shoe”. This originated in Europe to bring the Bride good luck, fortune, and protection. After the Wedding Day, the lucky penny may be turned into jewelry, a charm for a bracelet, or ring setting.

The list of traditions go on! The best part is you can choose your favorite no matter what your background may be. Let us help you bring your ideas to life!

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