Wedding During Covid-19

There have been so many changes to life as we know it because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The wedding industry has been significantly affected in so many ways, over the past few months our team has been trained and will continue to be trained on event guidelines, restrictions, health codes and more. Things are changing every day and honestly, I don’t believe things will ever fully go back to normal so finding ways to navigate and move alongside this pandemic is key.

We are so over it!!!

If you're a bride to be and considering planning your wedding during this pandemic, there are so many details to consider. Should you have your wedding now, or wait until everything is fully open or somewhat close to what use to be "normal"?

As a bride, the most important thing to consider other than how incredibly beautiful you will look on your wedding day is the safety of all your guests. Because of new rules and guidelines with COVID-19, I highly suggest you hire a wedding planner. Not only will a planner save you money but they will also protect your investment. The last thing you want to happen at your wedding is for it to be shut down due to not following guidelines.

So, what are the pros and cons of having your wedding now? We wanted to provide some information to help those who maybe weighing their options. Wedding or no wedding?

Having Your Wedding Now

If you've always wanted a big wedding with many guests, you won't be able to have it at this time. Doing so would put too many people at risk and violate state and local laws or ordinances. Also, most venues have strict guidelines with guest occupancy and are limited to 25% capacity. On the other hand, there are other venues that leave it up to you to self-regulate – Be careful.

Additionally, those that have dreamed of a destination wedding may want to re consider and here’s why:

  • Your travel during this time could be a nightmare due to risks assessments performed by other countries

  • postponed travel at the last minute due to an upsurge in cases,

  • risk of infection dramatically increases with travel.

However, despite of the virus, love is not canceled and many couples have been able to power through and still have memorable weddings. With more restrictions comes fewer guests, this means more money to spend on the on your dream wedding! Couples have also been able to increase the quality of their celebrations and spend time with those most important to them. So, as you can see, it's not all gloomy. If you're considering having your wedding at this point, here are some essential tips that you could find useful.

Control Your Guest Count

Depending on the restrictions in your area, your guest count could be pegged at anywhere up to 50 persons. Find out the official numbers in your area and work with that. You should also ensure that the people on the list are those closest to you. Saying your vows surrounded by your trusted friends is a great idea. Intimate and micro weddings are so beautiful so don’t be discouraged. People will understand it they don’t make the cut. Helloooo…. I mean we are in a pandemic.

Safety Measures to Lookout For

For the success of your wedding during this pandemic, there are some critical safety measures that you should not overlook. Some of them include the use of face masks, social distancing, hand sanitizers and sanitizing stations. There may even be requirements to conduct temperature checks and questionnaires. Keep in mind some venues have practices in place to help guide you with safety measures as well.

What Type of Meals to Serve

For all weddings during this pandemic, I highly suggest you work with a catering company that will serve plated meals or mini hors d'oeuvres (depending on what you are going for). I believe having a buffet during this time is very high risk and would increase the chances of people spreading the virus.

How Many People at a Table

There are different practices when it comes to social distancing at tables. You can also try the use of social bubbles. This means that people from the same house can sit together. Social distancing also dictates a distance of at least six feet between individuals, so always keep that in mind.

Here’s an example of our seating for a wedding reception during the pandemic. I suggest no more than four people at a table.

Is Dancing Okay?

The quickest way to spread a virus is close contact, so as long as there is space between the dancers, we'd say yes. Please be smart and use good judgement. That means you'll need a big dancing hall if you plan for dancing. If you have a smaller hall, have your guests take turns! Also, we suggest dancing outdoors, which will give guests more space.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think!